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December 17, 2010

on December 17, 2010

I feel so grown up today. I finally finished putting away my great-grandmother’s china in the new china cabinet. YES! We have a china cabinet now.  It’s slightly distress, but a very clean look.  It’s in our dining room.   Stu and I found it while shopping with his family back in the end of October.  We were told 6-12 weeks for construction and delivery.  But they called to set up a delivery appointment about a week or so ago. 

I’ve spent time here and there unwrapping the wine glasses that have lived in boxes for the past few years, storing the serving platters and bowls, table linens, napkin rings and wine charms.  I decided to put away the “extra” china I have, the set that I found at a church fair for $30.  It was service for 12, with a platter or two, bowls, bread plates, compote bowls and tea/coffee service too.  I ended up getting a few additional serving pieces to fill it out. 

The china that’s on display behind the glass doors is my great-grandmothers china.  It’s not a full set, quite a few pieces were destroyed when my grandmother’s house (apartment?) was broken into.  However, I could easily serve six guests or so, as long as we didn’t do coffee :)  As you can see, it’s really a lovely pattern by Zeh Scherzer, that unfortunately I can’t seem to find anywhere.  Even Replacements.com doesn’t have any pieces available.  Oh well, I’ll eventually get it filled out.

I wasn’t sure  how to put it away in the cabinet – is there a special way it should be stored/displayed?  Eventually I put the heavy plates and stuff on the bottom shelf, the lighter dishes on the top.  Wine (red and white), champagne and liquor glasses are interspersed between platters and tureens, stacks of plates and bowls, saucers and creamers.  I just tried to balance out the pieces and the serving dishes, while trying to hide the obvious gaps.  I think it looks ok.  It’s not like I can’t rearrange it if I decide it’s all wrong :)


PS.  As I was taking the pictures for the entry (all of 10 minutes), the lightbulb in the hutch blew.  Of course, I was in my socks so Stu had to come and sweep up the pieces before I could move.  We’ll be calling to let them know.  Even with this little hitch, I’m still very happy with it.  :)


2 responses to “December 17, 2010

  1. Kate says:

    Yay for the hutch! We bought a hutch with our wedding money, but still don’t have real china (we both have partial sets from grandmothers, which just seems sort of weird). But I love the hutch. You go, grownup.

    • lisasff says:

      We really didn’t have room in the other house for one, so all the china went into the basement.

      Have you looked for replacemnt pieces of either set – of the one that’s more “full?”  Do your two partial sets look good together?  I can’t see why you couldn’t use both as a full set, the eclectic look is still very chic.  I think I’m going to need to do a grown up dinner soon, just so we could pull out the china – easy now! – and use the room :)

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