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December 16, 2010

on December 16, 2010
The Big Blue

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So, Teagan didn’t do too badly last night – only woke up once around 5am.  She was cold and a bit tangled in her small blanket.  Stu got up and set her to rights, and she was back asleep quickly.  Unfortunately, though, she did get up a bit earlier, before I got to start my coffee.  I didn’t get more than two sips or so while it was still hot.  Not the normal e-mail over coffee morning we usually have.  Still, she slept well.  And Stu had made the coffee, so it was there :)

Anyway,  lets just do some fun bullets today…

  • The people that made the Zombie game that Stu got me for Christmas last year  has a new game – Invasion from Outer Space.  LOL!  Looks like fun!  You can have zombies and aliens in the same game!
  • Although I knew it was based on a true story, it’s nice to see The Big Blue referenced in a news story, that Jacques Mayol actually did have a record.  And that it’s been “beaten” recently.  Trubridge’s story is amazing – 100 meters down, with no apparatus like Mayol used.  He basically held his breath for four minutes.  Incredible.  BTW, The Big Blue is one of my favorite movies.
  • It’s nice that Lisa Ling has started a website to help women cope with miscarriage.  It’s not something to be embarrassed about, or whisper  behind closed doors.  It’s not something that is the woman’s, or anyone’s, “fault.”  I hope this helps take some of the stigma off of miscarriage.  Makes a few women feel better about themselves.
  • I totally love The Bad Moms Club.  This was one of their entries.  LOL!  “Good night blue-eyed Fremen who call Arrakis home.”  And you have to love the idea of the Very Deadly Bounty Hunter book.  I wonder if it’s more like the Hungry Caterpillar or Brown Bear.
  • Mama Pop counters with awesome movies that didn’t need CGI to kick ass.
  • Oh, and Teagan has asked for this video two nights in a row:

She’ll put her hand to the side of her face when the dancers do.  The second it’s over, she will ask for “moh peesss” while signing a very emphatic “More” and “Please.”  You can also distract her with YouTube videos from Riverdance, or well any Irish Step Dancing.


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