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December 15, 2010

on December 15, 2010

Who needs sleep?  Me, that’s who!  It’s been a rough couple of days around here.  Stu and I had an all day meeting that we both needed to be in.  So, up stupid early, drop the baby off 5 minutes after day care opens, off to work.  Sit through the morning, have a nice lunch, sit through the afternoon.  Get out in time to pick the piglet up 10 minutes before day care closes.  After 11 hours of day care she’s exhausted.  13 hour day and we’re exhausted. 

Last night was the first night that she didn’t sleep through in just under two weeks.  Ear infections, teeth, growth spurts, milestones, general change had gotten her out of wack, turned my lovely sleeper into someone who got up three times a night, and who refused to be put down.  There were nights that Stu and I slept in the glider, holding her, nights that we made toast at 3 am because she was hungry, and we hoped that feeding her would give her a full enough stomach to go back to sleep.  Most times, it didn’t work.  It worked enough though, for us to do it again the next time…

So, finally just about two weeks ago or so – nights and days are blending a bit for me now – we decided we wanted our lovely sleeper back.  She wasn’t sick, she didn’t (hopefully!) have an ear infection.  We played hard ball.  If she woke up crying, we would wait a minute or two and then go in to her.  We asked her to lie back down and go to sleep, put her blanket over her, and left her room.  And we did leave her – sometimes crying, sometimes not – and didn’t go back in.  We didn’t pick her up.  We would make sure she was ok, tried to cover her with her blanket, but left. 

Two nights, she would wake up every four hours or so, cry and call for us.  We stayed hard – tired but hard.  Stu seemed to have better luck getting her to be quiet and  back to sleep quickly.  Faster than when I would go in.  Maybe she was trying to play me, knowing that I would break, would give in, faster than her dad.  I stayed strong though!  I was too tired not to :)

The third night was LOVELY.  She didn’t wake up once.  She slept like she used to, before all the interruptions.  The fourth night, the same.  And then the fifth.  And so on.  And Lisa got lots of sleep, and was feeling wonderful again.  Until yesterday, when we had a stupid-early all-day meeting and her baby starts waking up during the night.  Again.

Hopefully, this is just a phase, and she’ll go back to solid night-long sleep again.  Tonight.  Cross your fingers.

2 responses to “December 15, 2010

  1. lisasff says:

    Kat O* W* commented on your post.

    Kathy wrote: “{{{{{{hugs}}}} It’s a hassle to have routines broken and sometimes just a little hiccup can cause weeks of confusion. Hopefully, things will indeed settle back down to norm. YOU need to rest…the other piglet needs ‘her’ rest as well. Sending prayers for weeks to come. ”



    Well, she seems to stir at least once a night, along with getting up a bit earlier than she used to/we like. I will admit to loving the little bit of quiet morning with coffee and e-mail. Just 15 minutes is good. Enough time for me to prepare mentally for the day, instead of being off and running and feeling like I never catch up.

  2. lisasff says:

    Annemieke J* commented on your post.

    Annemieke wrote: “You’re having another girl – YAY!!!!!!! <3"


    Yay!! Such a fun thing!!

    And as a bonus, we'll get to use all the awesome clothes that our friends passed on to us again!!

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