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October 21, 2010

on October 21, 2010
Small scream

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OMG.  I just found out Scream 4 has been filmed (yay), with original (surviving) cast, and is going to be released 4/15/11 (our due date!).  LOL!

I loved these movies.  I have them somewhere. I’ve watched them over and over.  It’s almost Halloween, time for horror movie marathons!  I think I’m going to dig around in the unpacked boxes to find them.

Best version of the trailer I could find:

The Yahoo article has the best one, but it doesn’t embed properly :(

On our own personal horror note, Teagan fell over the other day at day care:

She didn’t even cry!  Her forehead was better but the nose scrapes were much worse the following day.  :(


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