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September 13, 2010

on September 13, 2010
Oh, we had such a BUSY weekend!  So busy that it started Friday evening :)
We decided to go out to dinner, and didn’t mind going early, as we both worked from home, so had a make-shift lunch in the first place.  Picked up the piglet and went out to the new(ish) Mexican place around the corner.  It was almost senior citizen land, as we got there about 6:10.  But nice, as we had almost the entire dining room to ourselves.  Teagan was the social butterfly she always is – waving and saying hello to everyone she saw.  She had some corn chips with their salsa – which made her shiver – but she asked for more.  Gotta love that kid.  By the end of dinner, which was ok, she was more than ready to go, so we started playing with her sippy cup.  I took the lid off and she tried to put it back on.  “Ta da!” when she got it the first time.  I would take the lid off and hand her the two pieces.  “Ta da!”  She put them back together.  So cute.  This game worked well for about 15 minutes, and then our ice cream arrived, and we couldn’t feed it to her quickly enough.  LOL.
Saturday, we relaxed a bit, then went off to a wedding.  We had hoped to have a sitter, but no luck, it was the sitter’s birthday that night.  So, we all dress up and head out.  Teagan had a blast!  She went “ta da!” as the brides kissed, got to eat corn on the cob, a whole slice of watermelon (she usually gets chunks), butt in on the first dance, make all sorts of friends, dance her butt off and eat sand!  She ended up falling asleep off to the side of the dance floor (for the second week in a row!!) with the music blaring.  Such a great kid.
Sunday, we met up with Nathan and his parents (Katie and Tim) at the Fair.  Teagan had a blast! (She seems to get so much enjoyment and happiness from everything, it’s fantastic).  Although this was her second “country” fair, she LOVED seeing the sheep, and goats and bunnies and chickens.  The cows were another thing, but we really could only see their butts anyway.  We had great seats for the pig race, and she clapped along.  Lunch was eaten quickly on bleachers while a band played, and it was IMPOSSIBLE to keep her in her seat.  Once she finished eating, that is.  LOL.  I was lucky, and got to burn off some of my lunch calories chasing her down!
Last night, after we washed the bonfire and sheep dust off of her, she decided that she wasn’t sleepy (even though she didn’t get in her entire afternoon nap and had fallen asleep for an hour). We listened to her singning to herself for at least 30 minutes.  So cute.  It was a bit weird hearing happy chirpy sounds instead of bloodcurdling screams, but I’ll totally take the singing any day :)  A very good end to a very busy weekend!




2 responses to “September 13, 2010

  1. lisasff says:

    Kat * commented on your post.

    Kat wrote:
    “such fun!! Watching her take in ‘life’. I love reading your blog.”


    It’s amazing to watch her discover the world. She finds something fascinating just about everywhere.

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