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September 10, 2010

on September 10, 2010

I guess Stu is lucky he’s seen this movie.  I love Mamma Pop because of articles like this, and because they have quick hits on pop culture.  Even when I have no idea what’s going on in the world, there is always something I can remember or relate to.

But I love this movie.  It gets quoted often here – just the other day Stu said “Wuv, twu wuv” at some wedding thing on TV.  I can’t imagine not having seen this movie, it’s on one cable channel or another just about every week it seems, and has been for years.  It’s always a joy finding it while surfing for something other than CSI:xx or Law and Order:xx, or even some “real housewives” from somewhere.  Doesn’t matter if you find it half way through, it’s like finding an old friend, always welcoming.

I’m going to have to dig around in the boxes of movies we still have packed and pull out my Dread Pirate Roberts edition!

“Does anybody want a peanut?”


2 responses to “September 10, 2010

  1. Kris A says:

    One of our favorites too! I almost couldn’t keep a straight face at my own wedding when the minister said “marriage…” And never trust a sicilian…hey wait, I’m part sicilian……(yes even with the blond hair and blue eyes!!)

    • lisasff says:

      he he he. I remember that :D we were totally joking with you before hand.

      There’s always something.

      “Life is hard, Princess” is another one that gets repeated a lot here lately :D

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