What to muse about today?

August 31, 2010

We bought a new car!  New Jetta SportWagen TDI.  We pick it up Friday!  Woo woo!  Ended up with the silver metallic paint  job, as the first choice – platinum grey metallic was IMPOSSIBLE to find.  We blew the money for the sunroof too :)  Panoramic! That was one regret I had from my last car – I didn’t find the money to get the engine AND the sunroof.  Well, this time, we did.  It’s going to be fun getting used to this car. 

It’s has the third highest mpg in the US, behind the Prius and the Honda Insight:

Fuel economy? The Jetta TDI wagon’s EPA listing is 30 mpg city, 42 highway. And that is exceedingly conservative, less than real-world experience. During my recent time with a TDI wagon, I saw between 28 and 35 around town, and between 40 and 47 on the highway. Call it 37 overall. The best of the hybrids, the current Toyota Prius, is good for 51/48, with an all-around 50 during my time with one. The Honda Insight? 40/43, 42 in my experience.

Love it.

It feels HUGE.  More than enough room for my to have my seat as far back as I like it, and still have room for the baby behind me.  Stu won’t be eating his knees, bent in half when he’s in the passenger seat.  Double bonus.

We really didn’t want to get a SUV or a minivan.  I don’t really like the look, and I feel so short and small while driving them, even if I can get the seat adjusted properly.  And we really don’t need that much cargo room.  This SportWagen has a TON as it is.  If it doesn’t fit in this car, we really don’t need to bring it.  Unless it’s Christmas, and then that’s a different story.  Presents are a necessity :)

Can’t wait to break it in!