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August 16, 2010

on August 16, 2010

Yay!  I made jam!  And canned peaches!  My friend came over Saturday, and we made one batch of canned peaches and two batches of  strawberry jam – one mostly full sugar and one low sugar.  We would have made two low sugar batches, but I had gotten the wrong pectin. 

We started the day with the peaches.  Local peaches. Yummy peaches.  I had hoped to go picking with Teagan and Stu before hand, but we just couldn’t find the time.  I’ll make sure we do next year.  Anyway, the peaches took FOREVER!  We had a bit of trouble getting  the peaches peeled – didn’t leave them in the boiling water long enough – so they were a bit hard to slice, but turned out just fine.  We used grape juice instead of sugar for the syrup.  Initially we put the canner out on the BBQ to sterilize and process the jars, but thought the grill wouldn’t be able to handle the weight, so moved the HUGE pot inside.  Ended up with six quart jars of peaches.  Yay.  Pop! Pop! Pop!  They sealed!  We also kept some of the water-syrup mixture we boiled the peaches in, to make tea. 

So, even though the peaches had taken a few hours we still had enough strength to move on.  We started hulling and slicing the strawberries.  I had a lovely strawberry slicer that just whipped through the 4 lbs of strawberries.  Mashed them up and started cooking the jam.  We had to wait a bit for the peaches to finish, as the canner still hadn’t reached a rolling boil.  The little taste that we had while waiting was awesome!  Yum!  Jan ended up deciding that we could do the second batch, so I ran to get some more pectin.  I was able to find the low sugar pectin this time.  The first batch, we tried using 1.5 times the pectin and 5 cups sugar.  We ended up with about 12 pint jars.  Second batch we used the super pectin and only 4 cups of sugar.  There were enough strawberries to make about 8 pints. 

We didn’t have enough strength after all that to make the mixed berry – Jan left her canner with me so I would be able to on Sunday.  Which I did.  After our day at Chatfield Hollow, while Teagan was napping, I started the blueberry-raspberry jam.  It wasn’t too bad to do alone, although I think I over mashed the berries.   I also reprocessed the first batch of strawberry jam, as it didn’t jell up much at all. 

I had a great time doing it, though will be sure to not do jam and peaches the same day again :)



3 responses to “August 16, 2010

  1. Tom Poalinelli says:

    Oh wow! Home Made Jam! My mom used to make jam once in a while when I was a kid and there is just nothing better. Thing is though, you have to keep the spoons very far away from the jars or you’ll just sit there and eat jam until the jar is empty.

    • lisasff says:

      Growing up my mom made jam once or twice, but  not often.  It was fun.  She would use wax to seal the jars.  I remember the jam tasting wonderful.

      She would also pickle herring too, but that wasn’t quite as good ;)

      Teagan has had some already, mixed in with her  yogurt, and approves :)

  2. […] haven’t, though usually we’re running around with one thing or another.  I also like making jam so there’d be a use for all the berries I remember coming home with when I went picking […]

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