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July 25, 2010

on July 25, 2010

Ok.  My kid is weird.  Or she’s “stimming,” and we need to pay a bit more attention.  Maybe I google and read too much.

So, she likes stacking things.  Certain types of things.  Red fence posts from the little people zoo seem to be the favorite.  Though yesterday and today, she’s been piling the wood circles/squares/triangles from this wood toy that my friend Kris gave us.  (Thank you Katie and Thomas!!)  She’s also been doing this with the stars, hearts, squares and triangles from the Peek-a-boo Zoo that Wendy gave us.  The pile of things needs to be behind her, and just so.

She will also do this with food, at times.  Hide it down the side of her high chair and under her butt.  Well, sort of under her butt – as much as she can tilt and hide things in the chair.  Always sort of thought of the food thing as her “secret stash” for when we stop giving her new stuff on the tray, she’d have her back up munchies.  In a way, it’s sort of the same action.

I have no idea why she likes things behind her.  At least she isn’t doing this with everything, just some things, and some more than others.  Maybe I need to keep an eye out to see if there are more things like this she does.  I’d hate to think she’s OCD/OCPD.

PS.  In other news, it’s started raining.  Maybe the heat and humidity will get better now.  It’s fun without a/c. :(


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