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July 24, 2010

on July 24, 2010

Ouf!  It’s hot.  HOT!  And unpleasant.  I can’t wait for the heat to break!  I do want to have my air conditioner work.

Anyway.   Fun story.  Really.  Today, Stu and I were looking for places to go to escape the heat, and went to do errands.  We went to Home Depot to get the mirror that goes with the new bathroom sink that’s on it’s way.  Yay!  And they gave us each a bottle of ice cold water.  So nice!  Then on to the grocery store to get the puffy things that Teagan likes (thanks Kris!).  While in the store, we were picking up some other things, for dinner tomorrow, and Teagan shoved her fingers (probably her entire hand! according to Stu) down her throat and made herself throw up.  We had left the diaper bag in the car.  Yay.  Not fun.  I’m sure we were funny trying to get to the pastry section to get the wax deli paper to wipe her up, while trying to keep her from playing with a “new toy.”   She didn’t understand why it wasn’t something she could either eat or play with.  Ended up getting her pretty cleaned up, paid and headed back home.

My life has become very exciting.


4 responses to “July 24, 2010

  1. Kris A says:

    The joys of parenthood continue!! When Katie was just starting to wear panties, we were driving to my parents and hit a traffic jam. Of course, that’s when “I gotta go potty” started. I grabbed a pull up and put it on her and told her to pee her pants. We had just spent 6 mos trying to get her NOT to do this, so she looked at me like I was nuts, refused and kept wailing. Finally, nature took over.

    What are the puffy things she likes…the coco puff things I had from Wegmans?

    • lisasff says:

      Oh, we’re not quite there yet, but I can imagine! 

      She absolutely adores those Magic Puff things you gave her from Wegman’s.  We found some up here at Shop Rite.  So, we go there every now and then, and get 3 bags or so. :)  Shop Rite has some good things, but doesn’t have others…  So, you have to figure what you need and then pick the store – Big Y, Stop n Shop or Shop Rite.  The Shop Rite is a little out of the way…

      BTW, I’m sure Katie LOVES you telling that story! :)

      • Kris A says:

        Oh yes, she would just LOVE that I posted that! Maybe we should copy this for future blackmail or embarassment in front of prospective boyfriends!

        • lisasff says:

          I can archive that :)

          I wonder if one day Teagan will read the entries here about her and either be totally embarassed or happy there were parts of her life recorded.

          She might be very touchy when she gets to Katies age :)

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