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April 5, 2010

on April 5, 2010

Finally! We’re moved! There’s a small semblance of normalcy as well, with most of the truck unpacked and put away – not all where it belongs, but not in a box any more. It’s been a bumpy bumpy ride, but it’s smoothing out now. Thankfully.

The weeks leading up to the 31st were a blur. Packing, working, sleeping. So not fun. I don’t know how I accumulated so much stuff. We preloaded boxes into pods, so we could actually live and THINK in the house. Such a good idea.

Then, the rain began. Day care was flooded and closed early (11am!!) the day I was planning on finishing packing. Yay! Fun. LOVE the baby girl, but she’s an attention pig. And distracting. And the water in the basement took a bit of time too. So, I got behind. Stu and I packed until about 11pm the night before the move/closing. Fell into bed exhausted. And the worst was yet to start.

Move day, there’s still LOTS of water in the basement. Yay! Stu goes to vacuum it up, I start packing. Movers show up a little late, and quickly empty the basement. I’m still trying to pack ahead of them. By the time they came upstairs, I wasn’t too far behind, but was losing ground. They weren’t finished by the time our buyers came for the walk-through at 1pm. The wife was so upset – the water got tracked all through the main house. To be fair, it did look horrible. But we weren’t done, we hadn’t even swept, though we did need to mop a bit. We almost lost them, well, the wife. Hubby was ok about a little water. So, we had our agent tell our lawyer tell their lawyer that we’d get it cleaned. That worked.

So, instead of losing our new house, we were able to head out for our walk-through and buy of the new place. Yay! In Stu’s car, as mine wouldn’t start. Double Yay. They had water too, of course. Everyone had water. New place wasn’t anywhere near as bad as the old, thankfully. Though they did pull up some of the carpeting in the basement.

We end up jumping my car, and head out. We even had to enlist a neighbor to help us get plants and stuff to the new place. We finally get everything unloaded from the cars, put the food into the fridge/freezer by around 8. Stop for a beer. Yay beer! Good Samaritan neighbor goes home and we head out to the closest diner for some dinner. Fantastic food. Teagan was ready to fall over by the time we got back, though she had a blast eating Souvlaki and Gyro and Chicken Noodle Soup.

Get the airbeds blown up and made, and sis and hubby and I stay the night in the new place. Furniture was being held hostage over night as our closings were so late in the day. Turned out to be good, as we really wouldn’t have been able to deal with doing it all the same day.

Next day, we find a box of food that wasn’t put in the fridge. Fun. Cooler of expressed milk (about 50 ounces) that had defrosted. Sob! My car still doesn’t start. Sigh. Stu runs out for milk for coffee (and tea) and the movers show up. The game begins again. They end up unloading in about 3 hours or so. Half the time it took to load up the truck. Stuff into the basement and garage. Glass boxes into the dining room.

Anyway, after several LONG days of unpacking and organizing and putting away, the house almost feels like home. Our home.

Yay fun!!


7 responses to “April 5, 2010

  1. Tom Poalinelli says:

    Wow! I’m tired just reading it all. Glad to hear you got moved OK and getting settled into your new home. Can’t believe you found time to write about it so soon though.

    Sounds like the gang didn’t make it down this time? Thought that was part of the deal. Free movers for life.

    Enjoy your new home and give my best to Stu and Teagan.

    • lisasff says:

      Oh, just you wait until I tell you what happened yesterday! :)

      We’re having battles with light switches and treasure hunts with cabinets and drawers, but it’s fun :)

  2. Stu says:

    The new house is awesome. Moving house is terrible.

  3. Wendy says:

    Our assistance was not requested Tom. The offer was made several times though!

    Congratulations you guys — we were afraid to call with the flooding coinciding with your closing. So glad it all worked out!

    Love, W.

    • lisasff says:

      We had so many hands, it was hard to keep up! We’ll call that ticket in later, if it’s still there, once we figure out what we need to fix and change and stuff :)

      It was dicy for a while, but it eventually worked out. This morning was the first morning that it felt really good. We watched as our garbage was taken away. LOL!

    • Tom Poalinelli says:

      Hi Wendy. Didn’t mean to suggest anything negative. Not like I was there either. Totally know you guys would be there.

      Haven’t been keeping up with the weather up there.
      Did you guys flood also? Hope not.


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