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March 15, 2010

on March 15, 2010

Watch out world!  Here she comes!  She’s nothing but trouble now.  And she’s fast! 

We’ve protected the coffee table with foam insulation and even have an outlet cover in the living room.  Never leave the basement door open.  Try to not let her further than the dining room.  Did I say that she was fast?  She’s gotten to the kitchen.  We’re in the midst of packing, so it’s not completely safe to get out of the living room.  Piles of boxes that are not stable enough to pull up on.  We try to keep her distracted from the rest of the house. 

It will be easier in the new house, we have gates that we will put up.  Get new fancy ones that have foot pedals and you can walk through – a must if you are short and can’t simply step over the other kind.  We’ll have to be good too, as there’s two sets of stairs there.  and LOTS more wall space that will be unencumbered by furniture.  She’ll have her own play room upstairs (for now).

So, we’re about two weeks away from the move.  Pods will be delivered to the driveway, and we can pre-load the stuff we’ve already packed, and what was in the basement in tubs (prepacked!  WOO WOO!)  Getting those boxes out will clear the way to get the rest of it done.  Hopefully.  At least, I think it will.  I’m getting excited about getting into the new place.  It’s going to be fun :)  A home for all of us.

We’re also about a week away from the plague that attempted to take out the household…  I started feeling ill late Tuesday evening, which became a full on bodily horror that lasted most of the night.  It seemed to never end.  Every hour, on the hour, I needed to get up and threw up.  Stu got something similar the following day, but never quite as pukey as I did. We were both thankful that Teagan went into day care Wednesday.  Neither of us really were able to deal with her, so we just writhed in agony on the sofas for most of the day.  She never seemed to get ill, (breastfeeding benefit!)although she slept about five hours in day care, up just a little from her usual hour and a half.  Stu was only really out of commission for two days, I on the other hand about a week.  I dropped 4-5 pounds in two days.  It was not fun.

So, anyway our near future contains more packing, four teeth cutting at once, a bit more packing.  A touch of corned beef, and some left-over ice cream cake, and maybe more packing…



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