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February 2, 2010

on February 2, 2010

 Finally.  This  will be a catch-up post…  So many things to discuss, so little conscious time…

  • Teagan is doing well.  She got over her double ear infections as well as the trauma of taking another antibiotic that she didn’t want to take.  This is a good thing :)
  • She decided to share the plague with the rest of us.  Definitely not fun being sick while taking care of a sick baby.  Stu and I needed someone to come in and take care of all of us.  We’re better now, thankfully, but for a week, it was not an easy thing.
  • We put our house on the market on Monday.  After talking about moving closer to work for over a year now, we finally did it.  Ended up spending the week doing a panic unclutter and clean to have it ready to show.  It’s amazing how much stuff got jammed into this house.  I don’t remember it getting as cluttered as it is.  Granted some of the clutter is because of the baby, but still!  I have way too many books, if that’s even possible. :)
  • Although I’m not sick any more, I still find it hard to stay awake past 9:30.  It could be work ramping up and Teagan becoming more demanding during the day and evenings…
  • I saw a fox run through the yard several days ago.  That brings the wildlife sighting up to 12:
    1. turkeys
    2. rabbits (yeah yeah, but still)
    3. hawk (comes and hangs out in the hickory tree in the afternoons)
    4. turkey vulture
    5. musk-rat
    6. coyote
    7. skunk
    8. opossum
    9. ground hog
    10. fisher cat
    11. american bobwhite
  • Does anyone else laugh at the Aciphex commercials? Or is it just me?  Maybe I’m just reliving my childhood.  Fart jokes anyone?  :)
  • Speaking of reliving, I thought it was cool that the third season promo teasers for Chuck used Billy Squire as the background music?
  • We might have sold the house already.  I signed a contract of sale today.  There isn’t a deposit yet, but I guess that’s on the way.  Second showing Saturday was the sale :)  We didn’t get the asking price, but got enough that we can move.  That’s all we really need.
  • We need to find a house.  Fast!
  • Teagan has four teeth coming in.  One is almost cut through, the other bottom is a bit behind, and the top to further still, but on their way.  Poor piglet is miserable.  She’s very snuggly and quite a bit whiney.  Motrin is a good thing :)
  • We’re off this weekend to see friends and play games.  Rescheduled from the MLK plague weekend.  We’ll probably stop playing Talisman and Last Night on Earth to watch the Superbowl, but only because we have to :)
  • Teagan still isn’t crawling.  That’s ok.  She can pretend she’s superman and flying as long as she wants :)  She did get up on all fours and rock back and forth often today.
  • Piglet is trying desperately to meow and say cat.  She so wants to catch Clio too. :)
  • I am NOT looking forward to packing!


PS.  I hate when my browser eats my posts.  I had just finished the original entry when it disappeared.  I had to re-write it :( This one isn’t as good as the original.  I’m too tired to make it better.


5 responses to “February 2, 2010

  1. Lori says:

    Just say the word and I can come help you pack. : )

  2. lisasff says:

    Kat commented on your note “February 2, 2010”:

    “woohoo on the house thing…and good luck on finding a ‘replacement’ fast. Great news about Teagan. She’s growing so quickly. Hugs to you and Stu.”

  3. […] have deer in the yard often.  Not something that happened at the other house.  There was a nice list of wildlife that made it through that back yard. I’ll just have to start a new […]

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