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January 9, 2010

on January 10, 2010

So, today I learned something I wish I didn’t know.  Raisins will go through a 7 1/2 month old baby whole.  Ick.

Figured that since the piglet was doing so well with Cheerios, we’d change it up a bit and add in another good pincer-grasp food – raisins!  I gave her about 10 golden raisins with her Cheerios, and after the first two or so, (she wasn’t sure about them at first,) she wolfed them down.  I suppose I should also say this was after giving her a serving of home-made stewed and ground prunes to counter the rice and bananas that she’s been eating… Needless to say, I think I’m going to see if I can get Stu to change all the post-raisin diapers :D

We also got her convertible car seat today…  She’s got a bit more room in her infant seat, but damn, she’s heavy and unwieldy to carry around in it!  BRU was having a sale, and we got two, along with two umbrella strollers.  They’ll come in handy – no more need to think about which car has the stroller, BOTH can have one!  Yay!

Tonight Stu and I played Last Night On Earth – the Zombie game he got me for Christmas.  I played the zombies.  LOL.  It was fun!  I was thwarting the heros up to about the second to last round of the game, when all but three of my Thriller Zombies were killed and thrown back to their spawning pit.  Oh well.  Next time!  I’ll get those pesky heros!  I did kill two (well, one killed himself, but I’ll still count it!)

Tomorrow night!  We’re playing Talisman, with the Frostmarch expansion :)

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