What to muse about today?

January 7, 2010

on January 8, 2010

Sometimes this smile just makes my day.  Most times, actually.  She has such big goobery smiles :)

There are other smiles, though, from other people, that melt my heart too.  People that warm my side of the bed so I don’t get into a cold bed.  People who make me coffee every morning (even though they don’t drink coffee). 

My life is good!

It’s also been very busy for the holidays, and then full of food and clothes and baths and a baby that’s trying to meow and sing.  She still doesn’t crawl, but she’s starting to get up on all fours and rock once or twice before she collapses again and flies like superman on the floor.  My daughter has a super strength :)

PS.  New addition to the Things I Never Thought I would Say
PPS.  I need to upload more pictures – and now with video!

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