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December 27, 2009

on December 28, 2009

This thing is a life-saver!  OMG.  It’s been horrible giving Teagan her twice daily dose of Augmentin.  She clamps her mouth shut, turns her head and waves her arms.  Stu has been helping hold her down while I shove the syringe in her mouth and towards her cheek, push some drug in and blow on her face.   I’m sure it’s a lot like waterboarding. 

One good thing is that I’ve been pushing the medicine that’s been oozing from her mouth back in with a pacifier.  She’s been fine with sucking away on that – with the Augmentin on it. 

So we thought something along the lines of a bottle might be good, but didn’t want to dose her with milk or anything.  I also thought today that the syringe might be bothering her cheek or gums.

We finally found one dispenser today, and it worked a charm!  I added a little water to her dose, and the piglet had no problems!  Yay!  Now that we only have two more doses, they should be much more pleasant than the past 15.

I love solutions with no tears.  All around.


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