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December 22, 2009

on December 23, 2009

Sometimes I wish that people would offer up information.  Like that you can flavor icky tasting drugs.  Go figure.  I never knew that!  Neither the doctor nor the pharmacist even suggested the idea, which I find surprising, as they treat little kids, and fill little kids prescriptions all the time.  

Teagan cries now when she has to take her Augmentin.  She use to muddle along, closing her mouth and turning her head.  Now she slams her mouth shut, whips that head around and cries.  Horribly.  Last night and this mornings doses got mixed with just under an ounce of breast milk.  She did take them, but really it’s not the best way to give her medication.  Someone on-line suggested flavoring the Augmentin.  Great idea!  I wish someone had mentioned it when I got the medication the first time. 

I called the pharmacy to see if they would add in the flavoring to the bottle I had but they wouldn’t.  They needed a new prescription.  I called the doctor – I’d do anything for the piglet! – and had them call in a new prescription.  Pharmacist said that I would need to pay again, which, honestly, is fine.  I’d rather pay for another prescription than force my kid to take something that obviously she really dislikes. 

The other things that I wish someone had mentioned was that Augmentin is a total poop maker.  diarrhea is very common while taking it.  Yay.  Like we need more poop coming out of Princess Poopy-Pants.  Also, it messes with their stomaches and they don’t eat as much.  Granted this was printed on the paper from the pharmacy, but it’s similar to EVERY. OTHER. drug warning, I completely ignored it.  I had to find out about these two lovely bits from day care (stopped in to pay for the week and drop off cards for the teachers) and Kris.  Thank goodness they mentioned both.  I thought it was odd that the piglet had stopped wanting to eat, although her nursing has gone up.  The diaper thing, well, apparent enough.

On a side, I do have to say, that this is probably the first thing that she’s shown such a strong dislike for.  I hope that this isn’t the start of her not wanting/liking her medications…  I hope that I don’t need to medicate her too much.


One response to “December 22, 2009

  1. lisasff says:

    Christina S* commented on your note “December 22, 2009”:

    “When Kristian was a baby – up until he was nearly two – I would load the syringe, Dave would grab him and swing him up in the air into a back swinging motion like we were having fun with him, when he got to the backward dip with him, I’d get the syringe into his mouth, press down, pull it out fast and clamp his mouth shut!

    Then he’d quick swing him back down to his feet (even at six months – just holding him up as if ‘playing walking’).

    The shock and the fun of it, he’d swallow it every time. We had to. The blasted child had the ability to close off the back of his throat and eject EVERY bit of liquid medicine that I put in there. ”


    Christina, Stu and I might have to try something along those lines. She did better with the grape flavor this morning, but still didn’t want to take it. I’m so glad that she didn’t cry this time.

    I’m just worried that this will make her more hesitant to trust us with other medications. :(

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