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November 17, 2009

on November 17, 2009

Yay!  We survived both the flight and the weekend!  It was actually a very good time.  Teagan handled the flight down very well.  So much so that we got compliments on how good a baby she was. 

The majority of the trip was taken up with family – obligations, lunches, dinners.  We did get a little time to go to the beach, the hotel pool and a fortress.  Teagan had a pretty good time in the ocean, shaking off getting sea water in her face until Stu and I passed her right as a wave hit her.  (My mom has all those pictures!)  We then went into the pool, because mom wanted to get a picture of her similar to one she had taken of me when I was in PR at 7 months – sitting alone on the pool steps.   

We got a few good ones!  Teagan really enjoys the pool.  We got to go in the pool the next day – the ocean was too rough – and she put her face in the water several times…  would kick and splash.  So much fun to see her learn about the water!

Memorial service for Abuelita was nice, but all in spanish.  Lunch afterward was sort of fun.  Sitting with family that I don’t know well, that Stu doesn’t know at all, hoping they remember to speak english for him.  For us.  My spanish is too rusty :(  Everyone was totally taken with Teagan, la muñeca.  Turns out that “cousins” have a beach house that they might let us borrow.    Yay!

We ended up on Monday being able to get to the Fortress of San Felipe del Morro.  Turns out that my great-grandfather helped build the lighthouse.  Cool.

The way back wasn’t as successful as the way down, and a little bit melancholy.  I always feel sad leaving Puerto Rico.  I do so enjoy being there, even with the humidity.  Teagan wasn’t quite as good the way back, but we deserved it.  We really abused her schedule during the trip.  She didn’t get fed as regularly – don’t worry, we did feed her.  She didn’t get to sleep as often and as long as normal – she napped between events, in the car, during lulls, while sightseeing… 

She cried several times by the end of the trip and also on the plane.  We didn’t get the same compliments as we got off back in Connecticut as we did on the way down, although when she was happy she made friends all around her – the lady behind us, the one across the asile from us, and the steward.  I was totallly blown away that she slept during the landing – didn’t need the bottle of milk that I saved for her for the return.  She only woke up as we put her into the cold stroller.  Almost midnight.  Poor baby.

I hope her routine – and she – recovers quickly.


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