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November 7, 2009

on November 7, 2009

So, I’m waiting until I can take the next dose of pain-killer.  Ok, Tylenol.  That still counts.  It feels like someone has run over my jaw with a jack hammer.  In a way, I guess they have.

I survived the dentist today.  Barely.  Ok, maybe a bit better than barely, I did have a little help*, but I’m still not happy about the whole thing.  My first crown!  Drilling, molding, capping are done.  All while watching Monsters, Inc.  LOL.  My dentist thinks its great, that for any work, I chose to watch Disney movies.  The last filling and this crown were while watching Monsters, Inc.  I’ll watch them over and over.  Doesn’t matter.  No real story to follow, or keep track of.  You can float in and out and not feel like you missed much.

Anyway, I ended up getting there about 10 minutes early, and they were running about 30 minutes late.  That make me a bit anxious.  I didn’t know how long the pill would help.  Eventually, I get back, and they numb me up.  Drilling took about 30 minutes.  It was better than the one set of replacement fillings.  That much was true. 

By this time, my novocaine was wearing off.  I would get a little jolt every time they use the air gun thing to dry off the tooth.   Time for the impressions.  The first upper mold didn’t set properly.  Yay.  The tray wasn’t fun or comfortable, the molding stuff was horrid, even if she called it “icing.”  She left a film of the stuff on my teeth and gums and went out to see another patient.  I picked it out (very carefully) while waiting for her to come back and redo the impression.  Second time was a charm, although pulling it out made me think that all my teeth were going to go with the stuff in the tray.  Sigh.  I guess the help was wearing off too.

The bottom mold went better, but it still didn’t taste like the “chocolate” she said it would.  They ended up putting way too much of the goo stuff in the tray, and it leaked out.  It was weird, I ended pushing it up with my tongue, it sort of felt like silly putty.

So, I’m supposed to be careful with the temporary crown – brush extra carefully and well, floss might pull it off.  It will definitely be sensitive to cold (like just about every filling I ever had).  Hopefully tomorrow my jaw will stop aching.

Now, we just need the permanent crown to arrive.  That will be a 30 minute visit, that she said could be done without any novocaine.  Yeah.  That’s going to happen for me.  Hopefully it’ll be here enough time before Thanksgiving for me to enjoy the holiday!


Because I can’t leave you with the terror of the dentist, here’s some prunes and a cookie:

prunes – Prunes

and a cookie – cookie


* Valium is a good thing.


2 responses to “November 7, 2009

  1. Tom Poalinelli says:

    Sounds like fun with the Dentist. NOT

    • lisasff says:

      No, not really fun. I hate the dentist. I do have to admit that it wasn’t as bad as replacing some of the fillings….

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