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October 16, 2009

on October 16, 2009


So, Wednesday was our first OMG! OhNOOOOO! moment with Teagan.  Realizing we’d be a little late picking our piglet up, we called ahead to the Day Care.  They didn’t answer, so Stu left a message.  We drive on, not thinking anything more of it. 

We arrive at the center about 5 minutes late – that’s not really late.  It’s barely late!  The center was DARK, no lights were on.  Ok, we think, they’ve started shutting down for the night, the front is closed, but no worries, they know we’ll be late, so it’s all ok.  Well, the key fob doesn’t open the door.  It flashes green and then immediately goes red.  We can’t get in.  Odd.  They still have our daughter, they need to give her back to us.  Stu rings the doorbell.  No answer.  We try calling the center.  No answer.  I try calling our emergency contact.  No answer.  I’m sure that was unrelated.

So, now we’re a bit more than a bit concerned.  They NEED to give our daughter back.  She can’t really sleep in the crib there all night.  This has been about 5 minutes now (so 10 minutes late).  We don’t know what to do now.  We’ve tried calling both the center and our emergency contact.  The place looks all shut for the night.

Very worried and not knowing what else to do, I start walking around the building to see if I can see into the infant room (which is around back), and Stu calls yet again.  FINALLY the room lady answers.  (I’ll not call her a teacher, not yet).  She said she didn’t hear the phone or the doorbell, but would come up and let us in after we explain that our fob doesn’t work.  She slowly walks up to us with Teagan in her arms and opens the door.  I take Teagan and give her a snuggle. 

We go in and ask what happened, why didn’t she answer the phone, the door?  Why didn’t she call us?  We had said we’d be a little bit late.  She said she called the main teacher.  Why her and not us, the parent?  Anyway, other than saying she should have called us, we let it go and took our baby home.

Yesterday I spoke with both the main teacher and with the person I think of as the director.  They both apologized*.  Assured me that this has never happened before.  There is always supposed to be two people in the center.  They are supposed to do a sweep before they lock up to ensure that all the kids are gone.  They are supposed to call from the contact sheets if there is a kid still there, especially at closing time.  Everyone that works at the center was reminded of these things.  There will be a new employee on-boarding process and training.  Ok.  I feel a bit better.  If this happens again, we’ll be taking her to a different center.  This better not happen again.


On a different note…  Looks like I made a good choice when I imported.  LOL!


* Corrected 11/17  per Tom P.   Maybe I’m becoming a bit anglicized…



5 responses to “October 16, 2009

  1. Stu says:

    The daycare moment was not fun at all. I know she’s a good baby, but you don’t get to keep her, daycare!

    Also, increase the font size on the British thing – I’d hate for anyone to miss it… :)

    • lisasff says:

      Hum… They did say that they weren’t happy that we took her out two days and they only have her three…

      I could highlight the link… ;)

  2. lisasff says:

    Tom P* commented:

    Glad she’s OK.

    You spelled apologized with an s. Doesn’t bother me but thought you may want to know.



    Oops! I guess that UK Import is bleeding off on me. Post properly Americanized.

  3. lisasff says:

    Wendy S* commented on your note “October 16, 2009”:

    “Well, if that didn’t leave a cold feeling in the pit of your stomach…oi! I’d never be late again though.
    Hope you guys are home safely tonight.”


    We try to be at least 15 minutes before close, but it was out of our hands in teh first place. I saw this morning that they’re thinking of billing us for the overtime?!?! WTF??! They better not! we were only 5 minutes if that, and NO ONE answered the DOOR or the PHONE

    We made it safely over the mountain and through the snow! DAMN there was snow!

  4. lisasff says:

    Lori G* commented on your link:

    “Wow! That must have been soooooo upsetting. I know I would be. Glad to hear that she is safe in your arms once again. : )”


    No, it was fun at all. It was so good to get her back in my arms from the room lady… That was one of the best snuggles!

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