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September 2, 2009

on September 2, 2009

Oh, the post-partum joys.  I’m shedding.  It’s crazy! I can’t believe how much hair I’m losing.  One of the last side effects from the pregnancy, but damn!  I need to clean out the shower drain after every shower and sweep the floor after drying my hair.  Pull hair off the baby.  I know that it’s normal, and that I didn’t lose any hair (or very little) during the pregnancy.  I am not in danger of going bald, just of there being hair balls in the house the size of elephants.

 Ok, enough whining about my hair.

Day care is now a sort of purgatory instead of hell.  I found our piglet a place full time, in a center.  It’s right next to the ped’s office, so more convenient than some of the other places I had gone to.  It’s just, well, so institutional.  Which is as it should be, I guess, it is a center.  I have nothing against it.  For older children.  It seems so sterile for the babies though.

 Anyway, she’s all set up to go there this coming Wednesday.  Single digit countdown.  <sigh>  The day after her next shots.  One day pain, the next, a completely new environment (and torture for me).

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