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August 25, 2009

Roll over!

Roll over!

Teagan finally rolled over today Woo woo! 

She had been trying all morning, but to no avail.  That pesky arm kept her shoulders from doing the 180° flip that she’s been working so hard to do.  Early this afternoon, however, I put her on the mat again and this time, she got it!  She ended up lying on her tummy for about 5 minutes before she got upset and couldn’t get back.  So proud of her.  After that, she just crowed – literally – on her mat while she played.  No further attempts, but I think she knows she did it, and will again, when she wants to.  I was happy with how long she stayed on her belly before blowing up.

Today is also the start of a new list – Things I Never Thought I Would Say.  I’ve been saying things all along, offering suggestions for the piglet’s safety, for her amusement that just seem wrong out of context.  Today, I made myself laugh by saying:

Don’t put that monkey in your eye.


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