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July 24, 2009

on July 24, 2009

passing of time

I never seem to have enough time to get to the blog like I want… I write the entries in my head during the day, but never seem to get there while Teagan is sleeping…  time just passes so quickly!  So, during her nap this morning, today’s entry will be all those odds and ends from last week or so…  in no particular order!

  1. I found a thingy that will e-mail you when the blog is updated, so you don’t need to use the RSS feed or depend on the vagaries of Facebook to let you know there’s an update.  That is, if you care or are that interested and don’t want to take the effort to look.  Yay for techy me.
  2. I miss Bella.  It’s been two weeks and I still question whether we should have had the blood work done, trying to find a way to keep her alive longer.  I know deep down that we did make the right choice, that there wasn’t much that could have been done, she was that old and that sick.  I’m sure there’ll always be a little part of me that second guesses, that goes “what if…”
  3. Clio is still “out of sorts.”  She’s been much more needy, which is nice and a bit annoying at the same time.  She’s also started bugging Stu for attention in the bedroom, like Bella used to.  This adds to the melancholy.
  4. Teagan laughed!  She’s only done it once, awake, but still!  Stu was trying to put her to sleep, and she was having none of it.  She wanted to play and was pulling faces, chattering like she does now.  And in the middle of it – a laugh!  So awesome!
  5. Birthdays are nice.  Being with people that you love, nice. Cake and Mojitos are nice :)
  6. National Ice Cream Day is the same day as my birthday!  woo woo!!  Totally makes sense that July is Ice Cream month.
  7. There are days that I feel like a milk vending machine.  Not fun.  Sometimes painful and sore :(
  8. Looking for daycare sucks.
  9. Having a daughter that shares genetic material with an English/Irish man is not fun either.  Walking across a parking lot, a 50 yard walk, will give her a sunburn.
  10. Rain sucks.  Lots of rain sucks a LOT.  Basement flooded in the last deluge.  June had two days of sun, is on record as the coldest and rainyest June in a hundred years.  Lovely record to make <sigh>
  11. Sleep is lovely!

And look at that at!  Nap time is over…


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