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July 9, 2009

on July 9, 2009



We had to put Bella down this morning. She was a bit put out when we brought Teagan home, and started hiding in the den/guest room. She would still come out and eat, bug Stu to put food down 30 minutes early, sit on the sofa at night with Stu – I was persona non grata, I was occupied with the baby. So, although she was eating, she still lost a bit of weight over a few weeks.

Last week however, she stopped being able to jump on the bed, she would need a second attempt for the sofa. Her weight dropped, she stopped eating, coming out at all. I thought at first that maybe she had a stroke, as she was having issues getting on things, and walking. We talked about taking her to the vet then, just to see if there was anything to do. We ended up putting it off, things got in the way. We started putting out more wet food, as she seemed a bit more interested in that, but she ended up just licking the food, not eating more.

Yesterday, well, was bad. She felt horribly thin, cold, and was having issues finding the litter box. This morning, I called for an appointment, and we took her in. The vet really didn’t have any hope for any medical interventions, that her quality of life would just deteriorate more, but maybe the inevitable could be pushed off. We decided that it would be better to not prolong Bella’s illness, decline. She really wasn’t the kitty she had been even as little as three weeks ago. We chose to put her down.

Bella, thank you for the 14 years of playing fetch, chin scratches, face licking, and purrs. You always warmed up the bed for me in the winter, and comforted me when I was sad. You tormented Stu for food, asked – no – demanded belly rubs from him… from anyone that came to visit.

I miss you already.


PS.  In other sad news, Teagan has outgrown her first clothes…  The gerber onsies are too small for our 9 lb 12 oz piglet. <sigh>


2 responses to “July 9, 2009

  1. Cheryl says:

    You know our hearts go to you & Stu for Bella. On a lighter (?) note, your piglet is now very close to how heavy I was at birth. My poor Mom!!

  2. lisasff says:

    Thanks. Missed her crying for Stu to put down food. It will get easier, I know.

    I feel for your mom! Yikes! I was quite happy Tea was as small as she was!

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