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May 18, 2009

on May 19, 2009

So, today’s blog entry was supposed to be along the lines of “Oh My GOD!  I have 9 days left.  Single digits.”   But this morning’s doctor appointment made for a different sort of entry.  So, at the ultrasound (was to be the last one, and no good pictures at all!), Nancy, the tech, noticed that the fluid was pretty low.  She sends me along to the NST, and says that she’ll give the size measurements to the doctor.

Well, after a bit, the doctor comes into the room, says fluid is low, lower than they like, and that I need to go over to the hospital to be ripened and then induced.  Baby is looking VERY GOOD, so they really aren’t worried about the bump.  But they don’t like leaving a baby in with fluid below 5.  I was at 3.5 that morning.  NST showed a happy and healthy baby.

So, thank goodness Stu went with me this morning.  He almost didn’t.  I wish I had brought the hospital bag, but it was only a fleeting thought this morning. Cervical ripening isn’t something that really needs to be thought about, let alone discussed!  Stu was saying it’s one of those word combinations, like mucus plug, that he could (well, me too!) live without!  LOL.  Anyway, off to the hospital we go!  Midwife is waiting for me, she gives an internal – still 50%, barely a fingertip and firm.  Ripening it is!

She mentioned that once they put in the Misopropal (?) pill, they keep calling it Miso, that I’ll be on a liquid diet.  I ask if I could at least have a “last lunch” before having the pill placed.  Ok.  This might have been a bad question to ask, as they take another hour to get me upstairs – no L&D floor for me, not  yet.  Then another hour or so to get food to me – hello mac & cheese!  So, Miso gets placed around 4.  After a bit, they tell me I’m contracting.  Really?  Not feeling much, other than the bump stretching every now and then.  Well, those stretches are contractions.  Go figure.  Not the only ones, either.

So, I’m contracting every 3-5 minutes, enough that I can’t have a second dose of Miso. Need to wait it out and see what happens.  Stu goes home to get the bag and bring the power cord for the laptop as it appeared we were in a lull.  We hang here, waiting, going through possible names.  Of course, we haven’t picked one yet, we were expecting another week of waiting.  I suggested he bring one of the name books that doesn’t have an “origin” section, it’s just a list of names.  Oh well.

The nurse doesn’t think much will happen today, so we send him home for a “last night” of sleep…  he’ll be stuck here soon enough, no need to wear him down, yet.

Fingers crossed, the ripening goes well…  I’m not looking forward to a foley balloon!  I wasn’t expecting to need to be ripened and then induced.  Was hoping the bump would get to pick it’s own time for arrival…  Oh well, I guess that’s part of being a parent, you do what you need to do.


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