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May 11, 2009

on May 11, 2009

Finally got some pictures up on Flickr from the shower the other weekend.  There are a couple of detail pictures of the quilt that mom made while she was sitting with my grandma after her stroke.  I’m still amazed that she was able to get so much work done on it at such a difficult time.  She made me cry :*)

Stinky Feet

It’s just beautiful.

I had an appointment this morning with the midwife.  (Weekly appointments, yay fun).  Sadly, she doesn’t think I’ll be having this baby this week.  50% effaced, but -3 (they make it that high?!?!?!) station.  I thought the bump had moved much lower, with all the pressure and pee-inducing headbutting that’s been going on.  Oh well.  She did say that she doesn’t think I should go any later than the due date, even if that means we need to “ripen” and stuff.  She didn’t out and out say induce, which is kinda nice.  One of the reasons I like the practice is that the midwives do most of the deliveries, and they’re not too intervention crazy either. 

Granted, my status of “high-risk” might change how they’re treating me, but it wasn’t supposed to, unless the symptoms warranted.  They had said that they would continue to treat me as just AMA, which is high-risk in it’s own right, and not as high risk.  Yeah.  Confusing, I know.

Anyway, I didn’t argue much with her about it.  Knowing there’s an end in sight – 15 days from now.  Just over two weeks.

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