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March 11, 2009



I think spring might just be here! Snowdrops were up on Sunday! So nice to see, I thought I had missed them this year. A few crocus (crocii?) were out as well:


Though there weren’t too many… I think they froze a bit on Monday :(  Hopefully they’ll come back.  It looks like my heather didn’t make it this year, most of the bushes were dead looking.  There was a little bit of green left, so maybe they’ll come back. 

Anyway, I had said I would post about the complications…  So I suppose I should :)  Maybe I’ll title this “My Complication.” LOL!  Anyway… I ended up getting a blood clot, a DVT, antenatal thromboembolism, whatever.  Yay fun.  Spent two and a half days or so in the hospital, begging to be let home.  Fun with sprinkles.  <sigh>  The best part about being in the hospital was the fetal non-stress tests that were done every eight hours or so.  The food wasn’t bad either.  You call down and pick off a menu, they bring it up.  Although the coffee sucked.  The nurses and everyone there were fantastic – very friendly, helpful, sweet.

So, anyway, back to the beginning…  I wake up super-early Friday morning, my leg feels a bit weird.  Go to the bathroom (because it’s only be about an hour since last time <sigh>) and notice that one leg seems a bit swollen and just a little achy.  I can’t get back to sleep, so move to the couch to see if I can get comfortable there.  Try googling “one-sided” swelling on medical sites, looking through the pregnancy books, and don’t find too much.  When Stu wakes up, I ask him if he thinks one leg is more swollen than the other… he thinks maybe.  I decide that it’s probably odd enough to call the doctor, who calls back and asks if I could come in to the office so he can take a look, but he doesn’t have any time open until later in the morning.  So, I call in to work to say that I’ll be working from home, had a doctor’s appointment.  Stu does the same, as I kinda didn’t want to go alone.

We go in to the doctor’s office – meet another new doctor, who was very nice – and by then there is definite swelling.  The doctor thought it might be phlebitis or something, nothing too serious, but that it did need to be checked out.  He tells us to go home, pack a few things and then go to the hospital where they would run a few tests on the leg and then probably give me some IV medication and then send me home.  Yes, he did say hospital. <sigh>  Ok.  He was very calm though, telling us that we didn’t need to rush off in an ambulance, that we could get some things from home and then drive ourselves.  No rush.  So, Stu and I go home, get some things, look for directions to the hospital, (I had NEVR been there before,) and head out.  In the meantime, I give a quick call to the parents and wish them a good trip – Yes, they were setting out on an international trip that day.  Since we really didn’t know anything, and the doctor seemed so unconcerned, we didn’t really have anything concrete to tell them.  Then.

We get to the hospital parking lot and can’t find a parking spot.  Fun starts here.  We end up getting one of the few spots on the roof, and have to walk down and across the skywalk to the entrance.  I needed to stop part way.  It was so hard to walk by then, the leg was getting pretty swollen.  We go through the atrium and to the wing that has Labor & Delivery and Maternal Care.  Stu asks along the way if he should get me a wheelchair.  I didn’t want one, but did ask if we could st0p for a rest again.  We finally get to admitting, and the clerk suggests a wheelchair to get me to my room, which I take as it was getting difficult to walk and my leg was beginning to hurt. 

So, up in the room – with a great view of the parking lot – we get settled in and hooked up to an IV after being drained dry (12 vials!).  I was so dehydrated by then that I couldn’t fill the last vial up.  Soon enough, I get sent down for an ultrasound to check the leg.  Since I’m pregnant, this was the safest test they could do to see if there was a clot or not.  The u/s tech was super nice, talkative, explaining what she was doing and what we were seeing on the screen.  Right leg is just fine, left leg, not so much.  It was very apparent that there was something different in the u/s pictures.   She said couldn’t do a “special” and peek at the bump.  Back up in the room, the parade of doctors starts…  High-Risk, Vascular, some mid-wife, my doctor come through to look at the leg.  It is quite swollen by then.  They are all amazed that it doesn’t hurt – it really didn’t – but it was uncomfortable, very tight feeling.   No one would really say how long I would be there, but it would at least be that night.  I get a shot of Lovenox, a blood thinner.  Fetal monitors.  At first the nurse was going to turn off the sound, but I asked that she keep it on – it was so nice to hear the bump’s heart beat.  One of the high points about being there.

They come and give me red socks.  I’ve become a “fall risk.”  Great.  I do have permission to walk to the to the bathroom, to the fridge.  Eventually, Stu goes home, I end up not sleeping. 

Next day, they still don’t really give me an answer about going home.  My doctor talks to Stu about if he thought I would follow instructions about staying off my leg, giving myself the Lovenox injections, generally being on modified bed rest.  Yeah, I will.  I can feel that my leg isn’t right, I can actually feel the limit of what I can do.  It’s so strange to know that you can’t do the things you used to, like go up and down stairs… Walk to the front of the house and back… go across the street to get the mail…  Anyway, they eventually let me go home after the second night there and more than half the next day, seeing that I’m doing ok on the Lovenox, that my leg is ok, and that I promised to follow the doctor’s instructions.  I would also have “purr therapy” with the cats being sure that I don’t move around too much.  They do seem to know.  :)

There’s no place like home!


PS. So, maybe I should post a version of my ticker :)