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March 6, 2009

on March 6, 2009


 It’s usually the small things that get me…  those little extras that you really don’t need to do, but do anyway “just because.”  Stu has been doing a lovely little “extra” lately, that just makes me feel all warm inside.  Literally.  He’s been putting a heating pad in the bed on my side and letting it warm up before he wakes me up from my nightly coma on the sofa to go to bed.  Snuggly warm!  A while back I had mentioned that it seems to take forever to warm back up again, and that the cold seemed to shoot right through, and it almost hurt to shiver.  (Never really had it happen so severely before getting pregnant.)  We don’t have an electric blanket, and I didn’t really see another solution.  I was resigned to just putting up with it, feeling sore the following morning from shivering for almost 20 minutes before getting warm again. 

He asked if I had a heating pad, thinking that maybe it would help.  I got it out for him, and he hooked it up and has been turning it on, nightly.  It’s lovely.  And it’s one of those small things that mean more than the actual thing.  And so appreciated.  Like making my coffee every morning and bringing it to me, although he doesn’t drink coffee at all. 

He’s a good one… I think I’ll keep him :)


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