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March 5, 2009

on March 5, 2009


Name the space module

Calling All Brown-Coats!

Reminiscent of Greenpeace in 2007, NASA is running a poll to name Node 3 on the International Space Station.  Currently Serenity, the leading write-in, is winning!  Enterprise is another write-in, that hasn’t gotten quite high enough to be on the vote page.  Go figure, Wheadon is beating Roddenbery.  Stu read a few of the write-in names to me last night along with their vote counts, but I haven’t found that link yet.

It was fun watching the voting to name the humpback last year.

Go vote for your favorite now!


PS.  This Snapshot thing that pops up when you hover over a hyperlink is pretty cool, IMO.


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