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February 20, 2009

on February 20, 2009


So, we had a growth ultrasound yesterday.  Yay!  The tech was really nice, very surprised that I hadn’t seen her before, joked that the office u/s that I have had were on “those crappy” machines.  LOL.  She also promised LOTS of pictures, and wouldn’t go to “the zone” so we would still be able to be surprised at the birth.  She was very respectful of our desire to not know the sex of the bump.  She also was surprised at how far along I was, “where are you hiding it?”  Gotta love people that make pregnant ladies not feel fat.  LOL.

Anyway, she really meant it when she said lots of pictures, we walked out with about 10 new pictures, although most seemed to be duplicates.  The picture above is one of the good ones – you can see the baby’s face!  Granted, the eyes are a bit deep, but oh!  look at those pinch-able cheeks!!

We also got a picture of the baby pulling a boo boo lip.  LOL!  Though the nose seems a bit smushed here.

boo boo lip

boo boo lip

Also a “star child” type picture, no smushed nose here:

Star Child

Star Child

The doctor visit after the u/s also went well,  doc was happy with baby’s growth, heartbeat, position (head down already), as well as my weight and blood pressure, etc.  She said that I don’t need another growth u/s in two weeks, but should have one in four.  Poo.  I was looking forward to another chance to see the bump.  One way or another, it’s ok, as we weren’t expecting any more u/s at all, so half what I thought it MUCH better than none :)

Funny comment from her about my leg (the complication), was that she had heard about how impressive the swelling was.  Nice.  It was more a pain in the butt than impressive.  <sigh>  Swelling is just about gone now, and she was happy about that too.  :)

So, all in all, a good doctor’s visit, with pictures!


PS.  The lumpy bits are legs!

PPS. Eventually, I will figure out how to change the font in WordPress.  I know it should be possible…


2 responses to “February 20, 2009

  1. nina says:

    sweet baby
    i bet you cant wait to see him..

  2. lisasff says:

    No, we can’t! Thank you! We get another ultrasound next week! If there are good shots, I’ll probably post some more :)

    Yeah, proud already :o

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