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February 17, 2009

on February 17, 2009


I owe an entry on the most recent complications.  I haven’t really had the energy, or desire, to write about it, although I know that I should.  It’s much more fun to write about happy things, like the lovely flowers that Stu got me for Valentines, (no, they’re not drugs!), and the nice chinese dinner we had.  It was a very nice and low-key day.  I’ll pull a picture or two off the camera and publish on the flickr, because of course I took pictures.  Several.  Such a lovely boquet of iris and lilies.  Such a fun camera to play with.  :)

Ok… so, more fun things!  Yesterday I could see the baby move!  How strange!  All of a sudden – whump! my belly moved.  Didn’t do to much to help those alien chest-burster images, but it was pretty damn cool.  Stu has felt the bump kick a few times, but not too much yet.  The bump is getting into patterns of movement now:  after the morning (one) cup of coffee, after breakfast, after lunch, after chocolate, after dinner, after moving from the couch to bed.  Hum, maybe there is a food element to this after all :)  No, it’s not always, but food does seem to help.  Sessions are about five minutes or so, then nothing for a while.  Every now and then you can feel a hard bit, or see that the bump has decided that it likes being on the right side.  Never seems to be on the left side, go figure.  The belly gets all lopsided, bellybutton off center, with a hard bit on the right.



2 responses to “February 17, 2009

  1. Dr Arlington Frosbury Smythe III says:

    Having someone live inside you is just weird. One day you’ll be having a conversation with someone you created, who used to live in your body. It’s just odd.


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