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October 10, 2007

on October 10, 2007


Ok. I’m ready for it to be fall now. I want the colors, the cool nights. It’s time for summer to be over. I’m hoping that the bit of rain we get will allow the trees to get pretty. It’s been so dry that there hasn’t been much spectacle to see.

It’s almost time to get ready for Halloween!!


10 responses to “October 10, 2007

  1. Kell says:

    Ohh girlfriend you are too far south. I've been marvelling at the amazing beauty up here for at least a week. The colors this year have been just astonishingly gorgeous. I've found myself nearly driving off the road a few times gawking at it. I'm really bumming my hubby is missing it this year. It's ranking up there with the top 5 falls I've ever seen up here. Just gorgeous.

  2. Lisa_SFF says:

    Yeah, I'm a bit south, and I do know it's a bit early, but we're getting teased with some that have started, but look just dry and flat. With the rain we're getting, we might not get too much of the pretty pretty. :(

    Well, maybe next year's fall will be the top 1, and he'll be there too :)

  3. Kell says:

    I'd say you two need to take a weekend drive this weekend. They colors are past prime here now, but I bet the southern part of the state is getting spectacular. Just watch out for Bennington. You know…the whole public nudity allowed and all.. your hubby might choose to follow the natives. ;-)

  4. Lisa_SFF says:

    ROTFLMAO. He just might. We'll be driving across the Berkshires on Sunday, so maybe we'll have a good drive. Albany area doesn't have too much color yet… they haven't had a hard frost yet, go figure.

  5. EM says:

    No public nudity in Albany, so you're probably safe.

  6. Lisa_SFF says:

    Yeah, you can only go topless in NY. Oh well.


  7. Kell says:

    Sorry, I was incorrect, it's Brattelboro, not Bennington. Both south, easy mistake.

    On the other hand, Johnny Depp lives in Brattleboro… perhaps you might catch a 'glimpse' of him hanging out. <cough>

  8. Lisa_SFF says:

    Tee hee hee! We'll not be that far from Brattleboro, actually. Just about 50 miles south, I believe, and then we turn west to head for Albany…

    I thought Johnny Depp lived in France? Hum…

  9. Kell says:

    The word around here is that he wanted his kids to go to school in our fair state so he bought a home in the southern regions. Since it's now school year time…. he may be round if he's not filming.

  10. Lisa_SFF says:

    Hum… maybe we could go stalking then :)

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