August 01, 2007


Ok, so yay! He’s here now, and the biggest hoop has been jumped through in the immigration process. There are still more hoops that need to be jumped through, starting with the Social Security number, which we should be able to get by next week or so… However this totally sucks. Bit more info in this one:

A new immigration fee schedule went into effect nationally Monday, boosting costs for applicants seeking permanent residency, naturalization or other services, in some cases by more than 100 percent.

Under the plan, which has been hotly contested by immigration rights advocates, fees go up by an average of 70 percent, the government said. The cost to apply for naturalized citizenship increased from $400 to $675. The application fee for a residency permit hops from around $300 to more than $1,000.

It almost feels like they just want to continue to try to discourage us.


4 thoughts on “August 01, 2007

  1. Well, shit, you probably would have paid twice that if they wouldn't have screwed you around for a year! ;o)
    But I bet they will have a HARD time deterring you two ;o)

  2. Probably wouldn't be bitching as much about it. But then again, if they hadn't taken as long, we would have had some of the forms through before the price increase :(

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