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June 06, 2007

on June 6, 2007


Ok. I’ve been totally addicted to this site, which has been added to my RSS feeds. Totally cute, mostly kitty pictures with hilarious captions. Someone decided to do the LOLCat version of Rocky Horror. The horror! The ROTFLMAOPMP!

Go here and try not to laugh.

Oh, and yesterday’s inquisition:

  • Marinko
  • Mark
  • Blanca
  • Sandy
  • Fred

9 responses to “June 06, 2007

  1. Netty says:

    Jeez, I just had a flashback! LMAO I did Rocky for jeez, a whole year when I was freshman in high school. One of my best friends knew about it and took me and I was addicted! hehehehe…

  2. EM says:

    I haven't been able to look at a cat for weeks without hearing that type of talk.

    There was a TV show on a few days back about a nearby safari park and I got funny looks for shouting "Jesus Christ it's a Lion!"

    No one else had seen this : http://icanhascheezburger.com/2007/01/13/jesus-christ-its-a-lion/

  3. Lisa_SFF says:

    I did a Rocky Horror Birthday Party back in high school, must have been my 17th birthday. I still hang around with at least two of the people that went. My mom did *not* enjoy the show, though she didn't have a lighter or toast :)

  4. Kailahana says:

    Criminy. I still know the Time Warp dance. It's just a jump to the left….

  5. Lisa_SFF says:

    and then a step to the right.

  6. Netty says:

    Put your hands on your hips..,

  7. Lisa_SFF says:

    and bring your knees in tight!

  8. EM says:

    I'm in a kilt. My knees only do tight

  9. Lisa_SFF says:

    You're in a kilt? Cool. All ready for the Irish Festivals! woo woo!

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