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March 19, 2007

on March 19, 2007


Ok. So, St. Patrick’s Day was Saturday. Yay. Love this holiday. Pipes, parades, shillelagh’s, funny hats and beads. Beer. Can’t forget the beer :)

Ended up not going into NYC (with Stu) this year. Why deal with that headache if he’s not here to see it, up close and personal? So, went to this local place that puts a huge tent up in the parking lot, orders 4 TONNS of corned beef, and usually has pipe bands from the area come in and play. The place is almost always PACKED. Usually, I have to park a mile away and walk up, with no coat on, because it’s way too hot inside to have the coat. Totally Lucked out this year, got a spot in the lot, and only waited 15 minutes or so to get in.

Gave my donation and got a beer. Smithwicks. Gave the bartender a $5 and walked away. Came back about an hour later, and he said he had my change. He said I had given him a $20. I couldn’t convince him otherwise, but well, I tipped him VERY well for every other drink I got. I’m hoping he just mistook me for someone else, who never went back for their change. Luck of the Irish!

Got my corned beef to go (and stole some there from a friend who wasn’t finishing his sandwich). Love their corned beef. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any pipes there this year. Must be due to the ice. Oh well, there’ll be those Celtic festivals to get my pippin’ fix.

Sunday, I went to a play with my friend Jan – “The Irish, and how they got that way.” Her cousin was in the play. One of the four actors/singers. They did a great job with it – even made Danny Boy sound lovely. Passable brogues, good singing, good dancing. Wonderful afternoon at the theater. We ended up getting indian for dinner. I & I :)

Anyway, I’m going to leave today, before someone starts the Inquisition… :)



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