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February 09, 2007

on February 9, 2007

Holy Grail Ale

Ok. There was success the other night in finding Hobgoblin Ale in the tiny state of Connecticut. Not a bad package store, one that I’ve passed numerous times but never went in. Pretty decent selection of “imported” ales and beers. Nice.

The guys that were working were also very nice and helpful. One of the guys remembered my call to see if they actually carried Hobgoblin, or if the website lied. I’ve already had two bottles from the six pack I brought. :)

So, I left with the six of Hobgoblin, a pint bottle of “Old Speckled Hen,” which I had over there, and a bottle of Holy Grail. How could I not? Just the bottle made me laugh. The guy who ended up helping me (not the one that answered the phone) said it was very good, very similar to the Hobgoblin.

 From a review:

Holy Grail of ale for Python fans  
 Wire and staff reports
May. 11, 2005 12:00 AM
What does it do? Bite you on the bum? There’s no Monty Python fan in the world who wouldn’t lift a toast to the masters of off-the-wall British humor.

ROTFLMAO. How could you not??

Inquisitors for today:
  1. Marla
  2. Cheryl
  3. Nick

Another light day. It looks like the weeks are front loaded :)

PS. I wonder if my boss would like this one:





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