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February 06, 2007

on February 6, 2007

Bacon - autograph

Kelly asked if it was possible to get from someone to Kevin Bacon just the other day, so I gave her the “Bacon Numbers” from the Oracle of Bacon website. I can’t remember how many times we played this during chats in the early MSN days. Yeah, I’m geeky enough to remember that the Oracle of Bacon actually exists :)

Anyway, Tina just today (or was it yesterday,) wondered about the origins of the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game. So, I decided, while stuff was running to go look it up. Well, Wikipedia had a version. Tina, this is for you! (It’s also Kelly’s fault<g>)


The game was invented in 1994 by Craig Fass, Brian Turtle and Mike Ginelli while they were students at Albright College in Reading, Pennsylvania. They were watching television when a commercial for Bacon’s most recent film The Air Up There came on and led to a discussion about his film career and the wide variety of actors he had thus so far worked with. According to Turtle, the title of the game was suggested by a producer on The Jon Stewart Show when the students made an appearance demonstrating the concept.

Kevin Bacon himself in a 1994 Premiere interview for the film The River Wild, while talking about his fame and career, comments that he’s worked with everybody in Hollywood or someone who’s worked with them. In the episode titled “Bacon and Eggs” of NBC’s Will & Grace, Kevin Bacon makes a guest appearance, playing himself. During this episode, he makes a very obvious reference to the game when talking with Will:

Will: You–you did a movie with Val Kilmer?
Kevin: No, but Val was in Top Gun with Tom Cruise, and Tom was in A Few Good Men with me. Huh, that was a short one.




PS. Looks like the blog tags are working again! My cloud seems to have grown just a little bit today! Yay!

PPS. Today’s list of questions:

  1. Leroy
  2. Marinko
  3. Wendy – indirectly by asking if she could plan a party for a day.
  4. Helene
  5. Evan
  6. Fred
  7. Wendell
  8. Broc

Looks like the guys are asking today :)



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