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February 01, 2007

on February 1, 2007

hobgoblin - lager boy

Last night, I decided to drink part of my Christmas present. Stu brought over a lovely bottle of ale for me, as I had so enjoyed them over there. Gotta love the name of the ale – Hobgoblin. Gotta love the name of the brewery – Wychwood Brewery. Very, very nice ale… One of the ones I hadn’t been able to taste while I was visiting, though I did manage to try a very respectable sampling of different ales then :)

 I had put it into the basement, not the fridge, to cool to a bit below room temperature. This is one that you aren’t supposed to drink cold, but somewhere around 50°F:

 The Legendary Hobgoblin Cask Ale, a full bodied and well balanced ale with a chocolate toffee malt flavour, moderate bitterness and a distinctive fruity character with a ruby red glow.

Definitely a good beer, um, ale… Bit stronger than what you normally can get in the States… I wonder if I can ask to have some more brought over… Wait! There is supposed to be a distributor here as well… Yes! At least two stores near by carry it. One store listed had no idea they had ever carried it. LOL!

Some General Information:

Wiki entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hobgoblin_(beer)

Nice review: http://blog.thebarproject.com/articles/2006/11/18/hobgoblin-strong-dark-ale

as was this one: http://www.eurobrews.com/hobpage/hobpage.htm


PS. I’ll have to post a list of all the ales I did get to try when I was in the UK… maybe tomorrow :)


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