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January 12, 2007

on January 12, 2007

boiling springs tavern

Just about ready for a trip down to visit with friends for the weekend. Carlisle, PA. Town of the Alma mater, not too far from Boiling Springs. Such a lovely area. Very New England area, without actually being in New England.

Looking forward to visiting with my friends, playing with their two kids. Having a bit of a belated Christmas with them – I have the kids presents in the car, just waiting. Their youngest has been asking every day when is the day that I get there? Is it Friday yet? Is Aunt Lisa coming today? Gotta love that. Give me a little warm spot inside that this little person thinks I’m that cool.

Not sure if we’ll get any of my favorite Thai – Amy’s Thai – has the best chicken with bamboo (in a green curry) that I’ve had, ever. I do know that we’re going to have a fondue one night. Yay!

I have the DVD set to tape 24, which starts on Sunday night. Not sure if I’ll be coming back on Sunday or doing the 5-6 hour drive on Monday, but at least I’ll have Jack waiting for me. As Stu can’t be here yet :(


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