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January 03, 2007

on January 3, 2007

pernil asado

I forgot to mention, or was otherwise occupied, about Christmas Dinner. Pernil! YUM! Stu’s first pernil ever. Mom and dad did a lovely job on it. I know that last year sometime we had pernil, and I helped cook it, but I can’t remember when. I’m just glad that we had it again this year. LOADS of garlic – can’t go wrong! Stu also got to try arroz con gandules. Very Puerto Rican Christmas dinner of us. I do believe he liked them :)

Nina might remember the Pernil… I do know I spoke to her about it.


Found that it was the 26th last year. Family came up, and I was the one that ended up cooking it, as mom was getting abuelita ready. OK. I feel better.


2 responses to “January 03, 2007

  1. Seijaku Gardens says:

    yum, im hungry just looking at it. i actually did a HAM since thats what the boytoy brought me. Hmmmm, but Im sure I need to go cook a pernil and soon.Oh, I DID do arroz con gandules using some of the ham i chopped off before cooking it and WHOAA it was GOOD!!!

    (i'm on retreat, this is my temporary retreat ID,lol)

  2. Lisa_SFF says:

    Hard to keep up with you chica!

    This is the second pernil we've made at the house. LOVELY.

    I wish I could have tasted the arroz con gondules…

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