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August 27, 2006

on August 27, 2006

Chicago again.  For work.  <sigh>  Not even really Chicago, but Lisle.  No car, work people, who truthfully aren’t too bad to hang out with, but still.  It’s not home, and I hate the laptop :(  Well, more that I hate the stupid connection here at the hotel.  I might have to go have another mojito to make up for it :)

Just want to be home for more than what seems like two days in a row.  Tired of being there alone as well.



6 responses to “August 27, 2006

  1. Mali May says:

    Business travel is highly overrated. On the other hand, there was a time when occasionally business travel meant going to fun places like New Orleans and San Francisco with the people I worked & played with.

  2. Lisa_SFF says:

    Well, I won't get to see much of Chicago, nor have I for any of the four or five trips I've made out here… But there's always good food, usually a good time, though at a hotel. <shrug> sometimes it's just nicer to be home :)

  3. Netty says:

    Hey lady, sorry you're stuck there….
    If you want anything more fun to do I could set you up w/ some friends of mine ;o)
    And do you know there is an Arboretum literally down the road from you?
    I used to live about a mile from where you are, isn't that sucky that you go there after I know this??? <sigh>
    Anyhow….how long do you have to stay?
    There is a decent restaurant about a mile from where you are if you want to know – or places a bit farther I can tell you about if you need to get away!
    And….if you truly have a night free, you are VERY close to the train station and could be in Chicago in about 30 minutes if you wanted ;o)

  4. Lisa_SFF says:

    Well, it's not stuck, but needing to be here for work. It would be nice if there was free time, but this trip is pretty tight on both ends for time. Pretty cool that you lived out this way. We were in Napperville last night for dinner, lovely little town. Bunch of nice looking bars and restaurants. We actually took a bit of time after our early dinner last night to walk along the river front. Pretty!

    No time for arboretum or Chicago :(

  5. Netty says:

    Naperville is a very nice area. That might have been like our second choice of somewhere to live behind Oak Park out there. Great shops, restaurants, bars in the downtown area. And one of the top school districts in the nation too!
    Next time you go, get out there a bit ;o)

  6. Lisa_SFF says:

    Like I have a choice <sigh>

    Or a car.

    :) It's supposed to be the best place to live in the nation. Then again, I was with drunk people :)

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