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August 24, 2006

on August 24, 2006


This little cutie has been living with me for almost a week.  He left today, as his true owners returned early from their vaction.  Scamp was a very sweet tempered little guy, who loved peanut butter treats.



9 responses to “August 24, 2006

  1. Netty says:

    Ferret's are cool as visitors, but very hard to keep as pets.They get into everything LOL and the stink can challenge even the most dedicated clean-freak <g>

  2. Kailahana says:

    He could live with me! I want one! Except for all the stuff Netty said.

  3. unknown says:

    it took me a while to figure out what he was, i was thinking it was a baby raccoon or weasel
    elder stepson had a ferret, stinky creatures nad they get into EVERYTHING (parroting netty)
    but they are cute

  4. Mali May says:

    Adorable! Must be a way to deal with the smell.

  5. Lisa_SFF says:

    Yeah. He's a ferret. And he was totally cute, though yes, a bit stinky. His name was Scamp, not Stinker though. He could have used a deoderant :) The people I watched him for left him with a room deodorizer, which was kinda funny, but well worth it. I didn't let him out much, not enough for his taste anyway. He was still a good houseguest, though less affectionate than normal :)

  6. EM says:

    Let's see. Locked in the guest room, in a cage and fed only peanut butter and dry toast.

    I can empathise Scamp!

  7. Lisa_SFF says:


  8. unknown says:

    What a whiner. Im sure she gives you more than just peanut butter and dry toast. Sheesh. :)

  9. Lisa_SFF says:

    He ate a lot of toast. It wasn't dry though. Surprisingly he did enjoy the peanut butter :)

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