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August 18, 2006

on August 18, 2006

shall we dance

Am I crazy for liking this film?  I don’t know.  Maybe.  It was much more fun than I expected, and I’m not a big Gere fan.  Or J Lo…  Still, I quite enjoyed the movie, and almost watched it again with the commentary. 

I must be sick.


5 responses to “August 18, 2006

  1. Kailahana says:

    WE are sick. I just watched it two nights ago. I have it on DVD. It totally violates all of my movie rules, but it's great.

  2. Lisa_SFF says:

    More sick that we realize. I also watched it two days ago :) I don't own it, I borrowed it from the library though… It does violate many of my movie rules, or at least the ones I remember. It's MUCH more chick flick than I would normally enjoy, outside of Say Anything, Princess Bride and Lady Hawke. Oh, and Somewhere in Time.

  3. Kailahana says:

    LadyHawke is NOT a chick flick. Rutger Hauer! C'mon! Princess Bride isn't a chick flick either. Andre the Giant. Hello! Wrestler! *giggles maniacally* I like Never Been Kissed an awful lot, too, but that shouldn't count since the dude in it was Arthur in Mists of Avalon. Which is probably a chick flick, too, but I love that movie. Love the book more, certainly. He's also in that show with that chick who learned martial arts and then did that horrible Elektra movie. Well, it wasn't that horrible. It had that super hottie guy from ER who was also the naughty cowboy guy in Practical Magic, which is another fave. OMG. I might actually be a girl.

    help me

  4. Lisa_SFF says:

    LOL. Ok, in man terms – Lady Hawke, Princess Bride? Fantasy. :) You might be though, with Never Been Kissed and Practical Magic. Negated by Electra, no matter how horrible… oops. Mists of Avalon? Book over movie? Chick. Arthur? Guy type… hum…. Excalibur?

  5. Nyctale says:

    I do not see remakes as a rule but I really like the origianl one. (http://imdb.com/title/tt0117615/)

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