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August 12, 2006

on August 12, 2006

shooting stars

Finally, trying to catch up after a few weeks of madness and insanity.  Trips to Minneapolis and Chicago, houseguests, family obligations, immigration papers…  General “not being around summer” busyness.

As Stu wasn’t going to be in the US for my birthday, we celebrated a bit early – June 16-19th.  Of course birthdays do need to take more than one day.  It’s a rule or something.

So, lovely weekend.  Wine, grilling, cake made from scratch (yum!) and friends for dinner.  These shooting stars are what he got for me.  We had seen them on the trip to Woodstock, but I hadn’t gotten them, walked out of the store, saying how much I did like them, but didn’t need to get them for myself.  Well, sweetie that he is, ended up running off to get them, get them signed by the artist who made them, and hid them in the trunk of the car.  Without my knowing.  Hid them in the house for several weeks.  Sneaky man. :)

Now, I just need to find a place for them on the wall…  Probably in the living room, they would fit in with the new colors perfectly, they’ll be seen more, appreciated more, by more people as well :)


9 responses to “August 12, 2006

  1. Netty says:

    That's pretty….and good job sneaky man! Any news on that front? Progress?

  2. Lisa_SFF says:

    <sigh> Still in preliminary processing. No other news yet.

    Isn't he though? Love them.

  3. unknown says:


  4. Mali May says:

    Very pretty. Hope you're enjoying the madness. <g>

  5. Lisa_SFF says:

    Thanks guys.

    Madness is sometimes quite fun… Though it seems to be hitting me harder this year than previous. I can't wait for fall, when things seem to slow down. :)

  6. Kailahana says:

    More pretty and shiny stuff. He's a good man :)

  7. Lisa_SFF says:

    yeah. I think so.

  8. EM says:

    Me too. Wait…

    I had a few ideas for birthday time, but when we went in the shop and your eyes did the sparkly spin at the pretty stars, I knew they were the ones. Sprinting across Woodstock in the rain was fun, but worth it when the artist came out from a back room and said "Hey! I made those!"

    Has it been two months since then already? :/

  9. Lisa_SFF says:

    <sigh> yeah, it has… but on that note, it's been just under two months since…


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