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July 01, 2006

on July 1, 2006

I’m just about out of here…  this state, this corner of the country.  Heading down to Washington DC for a “family reunion” over the weekend.  It’s going to be a blast!  All the family is getting together, from Michigan, New York (and CT) and, woo woo Puerto Rico!  We’re going to have lechon!! 

It’s not often that this much of my mom’s family gets together, but this might be the first of many to come.  New generation getting to know eachother.  It’s going to be a strange mix of spanglish :)

Hopefully, I’ll get a few minutes to breathe, but it seems like the weekend is booked up tight.  Hopefully we’ll get to do some sight seeing as well, I haven’t been to DC in ages!

Hope everyone has a great fourth!


12 responses to “July 01, 2006

  1. EM says:

    The… fourth? What happened then? :)

    Have a great weekend and let someone else use the camera for a change!

  2. Lisa_SFF says:

    I just might need to remind you. When you get back.

    I'll see what I can do about a pic :)

  3. unknown says:

    enjoy!!! dont eat TOO much lechon

  4. Lisa_SFF says:

    There's a thing as too much lechon???

  5. Tina says:

    Anyone else notice how much her blogs are increasing in frequency in the last few days?

  6. EM says:

    Oh I see. Now it's all my fault.

    Though I blogged for the first time in five weeks. So you probably have a point.

  7. Lisa_SFF says:

    LOL. Increasing? They've actually decreased, haven't they??


    But, it can be all Stu's fault :o

  8. Mali May says:

    I'm sure it undoubtably Stu's fault.
    Hey – who's that Moosifer Jones? Cracks me up, but I'm confused.

  9. Netty says:

    Hope you had a great time! Figures you come to DC when I'm in Chicago LOL But you were busy anyway…
    We WILL get together at some point!!!

  10. Lisa_SFF says:

    Yup! I try to get to PA as often as possible, and I'm sure there'll be reason to get back to DC again, as Stu will need to see the nation's capitol at least once :)

  11. EM says:

    If only to burn it down.

  12. Lisa_SFF says:

    You aren't allowed matches or a lighter… pyro.


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