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June 18, 2006

on June 18, 2006


Well, although I need to send him back in just over a week, it looks like he’ll be back.  To stay.  For a long time.




Forever is a long time…


20 responses to “June 18, 2006

  1. unknown says:


  2. Netty says:

    YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! I was WAITING for this blog! So excited…how long will he be away though???

  3. Lisa_SFF says:

    Nina: Yay :) Definately needed a wahoo there :)

    Netty: You've been waiting for this?? Really??

    He will be away for about 2 months. Too long :(

  4. Netty says:

    Just meant that I was waitin' to hear what you guys were gonna do! So excited this is the answer!

  5. Lisa_SFF says:

    he he he… I'm glad you're happy :)

    I'm a bit bouncy today. I was told I was glowing :o

  6. Kell says:

    WOWeee!! I second that, 2 months is way too long for separations. Sounds like lots to be done in 2 months. Staying in CT??

  7. Lisa_SFF says:

    Yeah, two months is too long. And that's the shortest he'll need to be away. Cross your fingers that the paperwork for him to get back goes through quickly!!

    Yup! Staying in CT :)

  8. Tina says:

    Congrats, Lisa!!! I know how ecstatic you must be. Weeeeeee

  9. Lisa_SFF says:

    Thanks Tina! Very very ecstatic. I think Stu is as well :)

  10. Mali May says:

    Hey! I was watching for your response on BH and finally decided to check here for you – congrats girl! What's the plan?

  11. Lisa_SFF says:

    Thanks! I've been working a bit, so haven't been able to get on my computer at the house to go to BH.

    Plan is very loose right now, as immigration processing could take either a long time or a short time. Once we have some indication there, then we can make plans :)

  12. Kell says:

    WOOHOO! Plans are being made! I'm figuring on attending your wedding before we get mine planned! ;-)

  13. Lisa_SFF says:

    he he he… You're probably right, we'll be finished before youget too far along, as we will have a 90 day clock ticking down once he can come back :o

  14. Kell says:

    oh holy crap! 90 days?!?! Well then, where did you register for gifts?

  15. Kell says:

    …or should I just stick with the signed Laurell Hamilton books. <EG>

  16. Lisa_SFF says:

    90 days from when he gets back into the states. We don't know how long the processing will take, probably at least two months. So, that would put "stuff" around 5 months from now, November/December.

    Register? ACK. I haven't really done anything yet :o

    More Laurell Hamilton? They might keep me company, until he gets back :)

  17. EM says:

    Bear in mind I gave up on LkH as badly written pr0n on the *first book.*

  18. Lisa_SFF says:

    Pron?? He he he…

  19. EM says:

    Sorry. Old word-censor avoidance tactics die hard. :)

  20. Lisa_SFF says:

    tee hee hee

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