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June 07, 2006

on June 7, 2006
woodstock map
You can’t go home again.  <sigh>
As we needed to be in New York anyway, Stu and I left early on Saturday morning to go see Woodstock, NY.  Rain.  <sigh>  Didn’t help much.  But the town has changed.  Completely.  It’s not the same place I grew up.  The green isn’t green anymore.  Well, there’s a patch of flowers, but the grass has been paved over with stones – in a cool pattern – but no more green.  Supposedly they do still do the drum sessions and every now and then someone shows up with a guitar, but it’s not the almost guaranteed free music and hippy show that there used to be on the weekend, and most days during the week.  Or, at least, that I remember it being.
Almost all of the stores that were there, that we used to hang out or shop at after riding our bikes into town down Route 375, which pissed off mom, are gone.  We used to go in almost weekly.  The Rainbow Shop just behind the green was gone, but that’s been gone for a while now, I think the owner was arrested for something bad.  The General Store, which used to sell all the cool candy, gone.  Loretta Kline, with the nifty jewelry, gone. Woodstock Pizza?  Nope.  Not there any more.  News Shop?  Gone, or more accurately transformed into some urban style coffee place.  Rock City Rags, where you used to get the cool shirts?  Gone.  Joyous Lake?  Closed down.  I only got to go there a few times, as I was never really old enough to go (underage) when I was around there, then life became more centered in Kingston, not Woodstock, and it wasn’t fun to drive back from drunk, so we didn’t go.
All that was there, from childhood was Candlestock, which is now owned by one of my childhood friends; Vidakafka, for the most awesome Indian clothing and stuff; and Joshua’s, good food and sidewalk cafe. 
It seemed that most of the stores that were there, were selling imported items, and not stuff that was made in Woodstock by the artists from the area.  It felt touristy.  Well, to be fair, it had always had some element of tourism, just the connection to the concert would give it some additional cache.  But it had never felt this strange to me, or alien or even polished, I guess.  There was always an off center, an out of focus, not quite normal feel to everything there.
Yes, there are still the granola people, the hippies.  But they seem to have been replaced by business men. 



4 responses to “June 07, 2006

  1. EM says:

    This from the woman who went to work in a tie-dye shirt today.

  2. Lisa_SFF says:

    he he he… it's the sunflower one :)

  3. EM says:

    pssst.. the blue on brown doesn't look so hot.

  4. Lisa_SFF says:

    oops. changed theme, didn't change blog colors…

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