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April 05, 2006

on April 5, 2006

timing belt

<sigh>  Why is it so expensive to tune up a car?  Ok.  Yeah, I needed to replace the timing belt, but it’s a small belt!  Why do I need a second mortgage to do it?  Of course, this isn’t the only trouble with the car, it is 4 years old already, so…  tires, air pumps, etc. will soon be on the repair list. 

The service guy was kinda funny though, when he called to have me authorize additional work on the car – which I couldn’t do at this time.  He said that the “funny sound” I heard was an air pump, just needed for passing emissions.  OK, I *Like* passing emissions.  It means I can actually drive the car.  Ok, how much to replace it?  Oh, around $400 for the part.  YIKES!  Just the part, mind you, not the labor.  Ok, do I need to do it now?  No, you’ll get a check engine light when it goes and just need to get it replaced before you go get the emissions checked.  Ok then, let’s just wait on that for a bit then.   Then, he mentions that the tires are quite worn, and probably should be replaced.  Do I need to do that now?  Well, soon, they haven’t gotten that bad, they aren’t unevenly worn, and you did get 60,000 miles on them as well.  Ok, but I won’t crash and die if I don’t change them now?  No, but soon.

<sigh>  why can’t these things be less expensive?  I need to wait a little bit before I get these things done.  Tires will be next, of course, as they are a more immediate safety concern.  The air pump will get done, if and when it goes.


6 responses to “April 05, 2006

  1. EM says:

    I think tyres are expensive because there's a lot of human-intervention in their manufacture. It's not something that can be left to conveyor belts and robots. Not even ninja robots.

    As for timing belts… who knows. Can't you use a stocking or something? I think I saw that in a movie. Movies wouldn't like to us, right?

  2. Lisa_SFF says:

    I thought the tires were run on a machine… no hands until you actually put the rims on. <shrug> THough it would be nice to have ninja robots take care of it for us…

    I'm not sure if that bit you saw in a movie was the timing belt or a fan belt… I did once have a lumberjack put a piece of tree in the radiator so I could get 40 miles to the next town…

  3. Netty says:

    That stinks Lisa….before the Saturn I drive, I had a major money pit for a car. Was putting $500 into it every couple months it seemed. I think Joe would have broken up w/ me if I hadn't finally gotten a new one LOL as he was always coming to save me, fix something, etc. I was sick of crying while waiting for tow trucks! Hopefully these repairs will be able to be spaced out for you ;o)

  4. Lisa_SFF says:

    Thanks! The car isn't that old yet – well four years – so the repairs aren't too bad yet… maybe in a few more years, we'll see about replacing the car, but for now, not too expensive to maintain it :)

    I do love driving it :)

  5. Tina says:

    It is only 4 years old and you are having that many problems with it? What happened to the 5 year/60,000 mile warranty? Of ocuse, that supposes you don't go any where, and you got one of those as opposed to the more preferred, (by car companies) 3yr/36K

  6. Lisa_SFF says:

    I've gone 62,000 miles with the car already, so am past any milage/time warantee already, unfortunately. Also these are parts that do go around this time – tires have a life, as do timing belts :( The pump is a bit more annoying, but I'm not sure what sort of life it has yet… AND it's not dead yet – though it's on it's last legs…

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