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March 12, 2006

on March 12, 2006

Ok.  I’ve turned the RSS option back on.  I’m a little uneasy about being “public,” but some people have not been able to see any of the recent entries. So, I’ve turned on the RSS feed.   It almost seems like flashing, putting thoughts here, updates on my life and having it be public and RSS’ed.  Am I really an exhibitionist?  Or am I just a drama queen, or something else all together? I don’t consider myself either of those, and have no idea if I’m that amorphous third option…

 I suppose I could go and invite everyone, but how do I invite everyone?  Who is everyone?  I’m not even sure I have the most recent addresses in Yahoo for the people from SFF, from home.  I don’t think anyone that isn’t a “friend” can comment however.  I think I’ve got that setting right. Maybe that’s how they get added in?  They somehow ask me, and then I send an invite? Hum…  so many things to think about…

So, I’ve turned on the RSS feed.   I have promised a few people that there would be updates here, as I don’t get to talk to them, or see them all the time.  If they aren’t already friends, they can’t see or know anything unless the feed is on.  I might end up boring everyone, or put them into a diabetic coma.  I guess the choice is theirs, to read or not to read…



4 responses to “March 12, 2006

  1. Netty says:

    LOL I'm sure the coma is the least likely result ;o)

  2. Lisa_SFF says:

    Well, I'm hoping that they don't mind… either bored to death or in a coma aren't good things to do to your friends :o

  3. unknown says:


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