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February 11, 2006

on February 12, 2006

I’m here, lying on the couch, watching the snow fall, waiting for the blizzard to arrive, thinking about today…

My cousin’s baby shower was today.  She looks great!  Due in April, sometime…  they keep changing her due date, from end to beginning, so now she’s due a day before her birthday :)  Her fiance looks fantastic, happy and ready for the son…  Excited about the wedding plans that are in the works.  My sister is going to be in the wedding…

Although I was dreading the shower – all showers are boring – this one was quite nice…  Not too many people, great food, great view – on the Huson River – nice table.  Sat with my Aunts Nancy and Mary Lou, mom, sis, grandmother, cousin and cousin’s wife…  Nancy and Mary Lou grilled me about Stu…  They got information before my mom did.  Again.  Oh well.  Called her to fill her in on some of the new stuff…  His resume being submitted to my company, his moving here.  (Yay!)  Part of the shower favors were scratch-off’s, so I jokingly asked if any one won, that they donate the winnings to the “Get Stu to the US Fund.”  The fund is now at a whopping $4.00 :)

Anyway…  I’m hoping Stu hears quickly from my company as to whether they are interested in him…  that he gets a job – soon…  that this being apart gets to have an end date… 

 I’m not sure how I’ve stayed awake this late…  I’m off to bed, with one last look at a text message, dreams of being snowed in with a monkey, and not digging out until Monday.  Hopefully there will be over a foot of fresh snow when I wake up :)


2 responses to “February 11, 2006

  1. Netty says:

    HEY! What's this about a job and such! Damnit I need to keep updated on this stuff! LOL Whatever it is GOOD LUCK to you both!

  2. Lisa_SFF says:

    He he he…

    Thank you :)

    Cross your fingers he gets a job!

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